Never a Down Moment

MAX Mail Makes Business Email Secure, Available, and Reliable

Maintain Email Continuity Even During an Outage

With MAX Mail, users can always log in to their dashboards to send and receive email, even if a business’s on-premises or cloud-based mail infrastructure fails. MAX Mail provides best-in-class email security and round-the-clock email continuity with such features as:

  • Always-on email continuity
  • Robust email security, including zero-hour detection
  • Encrypted, tamper-proof email archive
  • Additional security for Office 365
  • Unlimited email storage with zero maintenance
  • Advanced search and restore features
  • And more
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Protect Yourself from a Major Source of Security Attacks

To protect you from phishing, malware, and other email-borne threats, MAX Mail runs four antivirus engines to check every incoming, outgoing, and internal email and to quarantine any threats. Additionally, with real-time pattern-based threat recognition, we can detect emerging threats and protect you from them more quickly than traditional solutions can. The result? Better email security than you can get from other mail solutions. 

Keep Intellectual Property Safe with a Secure Email Archive

Two words should scare you: lost emails. Not only will you lose data that could contain crucial information or intellectual property, but you could put the company at risk during a lawsuit’s e-discovery process. MAX Mail enables you to establish appropriate message retention policies to ensure that inbound, outbound, and internal emails are retained for the required period of time.

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Enhance Support for Office 365

As businesses continue shifting IT to the cloud, Office 365 is fast becoming the standard for most businesses. However, because Office 365 is so prevalent, malicious actors frequently try to exploit it. MAX Mail mitigates a business’s reliance on a single provider for both the primary email infrastructure and the archive, ensuring users can always access business-critical information. And, should Office 365 experience a service interruption, MAX Mail allows employees to continue to send and receive email while Microsoft restores service even during a server or service outage

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The Features That Make Business Email Bulletproof

Safeguard networks with aggressive malware protection, zero-hour detection, and much more.

Enhance Office 365 with additional security, archiving, and 24/7 email continuity.

Protect data and meet compliance requirements with a secure email archive.

Get better security, better performance, and better uptime for Exchange Server.

Get unlimited, secure cloud-based storage without additional hardware to buy or maintain.

Keep using email via a cloud-based interface even if your primary infrastructure breaks down.